Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has a bright 247 year history in technical training and is renowned for its engineering and architectural training in Turkey, with its modern educational environment and strong academic staff.  ITU is an urban university among the best 500 universities in the world.   It believes in science and its universality, is research orientated, has proved its standard in education through the ABET accreditation for its 25 departments.  There is great effort of ITU engineers and architects in Turkey’s roads, bridges, dams, buildings, power plants, telecommunication networks, villages and cities. There are 31000 students, 2280 academic staff and approximately 2400 Ph.D. students at ITU.  ITU, is a state university that defines engineering and architectural professions in Turkey and keeps this definition up to date at all times.  Students are offered a modern education and training environment, and are trained to not only compete nationally but also at international platforms due to ITU’s strong international relations and is a leader position due to the 14 Dual Degree Diploma Programs (DDP) open for student intake.



State University of New York (SUNY)

SUNY is formed of campuses spread across a wide area in and out of the State of New York streaching from Long Island to Buffalo and from Plattsburgh to Binghampton.  You may find further information about the campuses and their location at


Montana State University

Montana State University was established in 1893 and is Montana’s largest university.  The campus is located in Bozeman, an ideal University City with a population of 30,000 presents a safe and warm living and learning environment. MSU has over 100 undergraduate, approximately 60 Masters and Ph.D. programs,  educating 12000 students, 400 of these are international students from 75 various countries.  MSU is among the best 150 international universities.  The university is a natural laboratory, especially for Ecological Sciences students, due to the surrounding mountains and lakes, natural atmosphere and the world renowned Yellowstone Natural Park is only 150 km away.  You may find further information about MSU at



New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT, established in 1881 has deep roots as ITU; is a research university with 41 Masters and 19 PhD programs.  The university, faculties and all programs are accredited by the Central American Society and Academy.  The programs are accredited individually.  NJIT is one of the leading research universities and is among the best university who train highly qualified engineers.  According to 2015 data, NJIT, which has 11300 students, was voted by Buzzfeed in 2013 as being the most valuable university.  Additionally, as per the US News and World Report, it received the title of being the best 19th national university.



International University of Sarajevo

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) was established in 2003.  At present, it has approximately 2000 undergraduate, masters and PhD students from approximately 47 countries of various continents.  IUS, established by the foundation for education development in 2003, is Bosnia Herzegovina’s most prestigious foundation university.  The university was established with the aim of strengthening educational ties between different nations and cultures without profit.  With its expert academic staff, IUS offers undergraduate, masters and PhD programs at five faculties and is recognized by the National Higher Education Development and Quality Control Institution (HEA).  Furthermore, is also registered at the National Accredited Higher Education Institution in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AzMİU) carried out its training activities as the “Faculty of Construction” at the Baku State University in 1920, an independent Construction Institute during 1930-34 and as “Faculty of Construction” at the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute in 1934.  The “Faculty of Construction” was moved along with the establishment of the Azerbaijan polytechnic Institute.  It was established as the Azerbaijan Construction Engineering Institute in 1975 by the decision of the council board of ministers, Republic of Azerbaijan and renamed in 2000 as Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction.  The university is spaced out on a 49000 m2 area and houses 8 faculties in 5 buildings.